Traditional techniques & old school service

Brett received his trades certificate in Motor Trimming back in 1993 and immediately set up shop. Passionate about cars at the time, this was a business really born of a true love of what he did.

With the TAFE system really focusing on the craft of Trimming back in the nineties, and Brett continuing with Spot-on Motor Trimmers originally, now Spot-on Creations ever since, this means he has seen techniques change, markets evolve, dynamics of what people want grow and the emergence of course of the digital age where everything is visual. But one thing stands the test of time and that is care and attention to detail. This is what you will get with everything from a small seat repair, through to a full house set of Ziptrak Blinds. His testimonials tell a story of this quality, care and focus.

Manufacturing all of what he fits and provides, the factory is large enough to fit your boat or car undercover and secured if it needs to be left on site for a period of time.